Two Ways To Acquire The Price Of Constructing A House In Thailand For Your Retirement

This article is the result of the latest action of a person actually trying to get their hands on budget costs from construction companies in Thailand to erect a retirement property in Thailand. It is certainly not founded solely on Internet research, in other words it is not merely re-hashing guidance written on the Internet by others.

The Rudimentals Of Getting A Building Quotation To Erect A Retirement House In Thailand

To get a price to construct a retirement residence in Thailand there are essentially two alternative methods.

1. Through The Use Of Price per m2 In Order To Establish The Price Of Constructing A Building.

The easiest technique for estimating the likely cost of constructing a retirement property in Thailand is by means of Unit Rates. i.e. Baht per square metre . The cost of constructing property in Thailand fluctuate with the class of the building and the position in the country. There are additional influences that influence the price of constructing a house in Thailand and these are not ordinarily allowed for in unit rates. One instance is that the price of building depends significantly upon the individual builder selected as bids for the same property from alternative builders varies very much.

Thai forums are places to find for unit rates, but they should be used with care and considered as a guide only to get an idea for the likely price of your retirement residence in Thailand. The writer does no know of any ‘official’ unit rates for property in Thailand.

The writer corresponded with leading and best-known recently who provided a guide unit rate of fifteen to twenty thousand Baht/m2.

You might like to convert the reported 15,000 to 20,000 Baht/metre squared to a rate founded on the currency of your own native land and compare it to unit rates for the place where you reside. For example I presently live in the UK where the currency is the £ (GBP). The reported rate = three to four hundred £ per meter squared compared with the typical rate for the floor area and quality of house we want to build in Thailand is something like a thousand pounds /metre squared. That is to say that building in Thailand is thirty to fourty percent of the cost of constructing in the United Kingdom.

A spreadsheet called the “Build Cost Guide” gives unit rate prices for property throughout an array of dimensions and standards of houses for Britain. You can find a copy from the Home Building & Renovation website.

The construction cost of a home is calculated by multiplying the unit rate by the total floor area of the house in question.

You do not even need to locate or engage a construction company for this technique.

The retirement house I am intending to build in Pakchong in Thailand follows the form of the conventional Thai post dwelling – that is a house where the chief living rooms is situated the first floor elevated by columns or posts and the ground floor area is retained open to be configured as utility rooms or flexible usage. In our case half of the ground floor area will form a workshop and will have simple block walls. The remaining 50 %of the ground floor will be left open and we plan to use it as a car park. Obviously the unit rate for living accommodation should not be used for the ground floor area and this shows up an added limitation in the unit rate approach.

On the upper level of my Pak Chong dwelling we have a sizeable terrace section and another similar half-open dining section. Both zones will be far less price than the living areas, bathrooms, living and bedrooms, for case in point. Accordingly when assessing the price of the residence do you utilize the unit rate to the full area, or alter it for the lower-price rooms? This is an extra complexity you will find when using unit rates to calculation the price of a home.

If the starting point for the unit rate in the beginning was for a house like my own with the open features adopted, or if it was for a development with a greater fraction of real living area, I actually don’t know. And that’s the predicament I have in using the unit rate.

This means can only give you a rough impression of the possible cost of your house in comparison with the standard cost of similar buildings of equal size and should not be utilised to produce an precise cost allowing for the particular arrangement of your residence.

2. Getting hold of A Construction Company’s Price In Thailand For Building A Property Using House Plans

An alternative to using unit rates is to get hold of an estimate to erect your retirement home in Thailand from a builder. This is ordinarily based on a set of designs that you have had designed for the building.

You may perhaps issue extra documents to explain the designs, including a Scope of Works describing the scheme and maybe a number of Schedules or BOQs. The Schedules are mostly a schedule of finishes, types of windows, locks et cetera. Obviously, the more and improved documents you can make available, the better opportunity the construction company has to give you a price based on what you are looking.

This method has three main problems.

Obtaining The Drawings And Additional Information

I was able to turn out my own Computerized layouts and Information for my intended retirement home in Thailand because I’m fortunate in that I am able to AutoCAD and understand home design.

To get me with making my own home layouts I got a number of existing Thai building designs in pdf and AutoCAD format from the Thai Government website at I selected one of the buildings that I liked and made it bigger in size by adding quarters. This is to a great extent easier than starting from a blank sheet of paper.

If you are not attracted to this home grown approach you will have to locate a person to draw the house drawings for you. In case you seek to obtain a Thai Architect to perform this on your behalf then you are bound to undergo difficulties.

In the first place obtaining an Architect in Thailand is not effortless (unless you don’t mind to pay a over the odds in which case there is a corporation in Bangkok who will produce the house plans for you). In fact that’s the corporation I appointed to create my house plans and when you see the tremendous superiority and huge amount of the layouts they draw aren’t high-priced at all by Western standards.

Next, how do you clarify to a designer what you require? This is specially difficult (impractical?) if you are not geared up to to get together in the same room as the architect and discuss suggestions and concepts. Doing that via email from outside of Thailand is just about unachievable.

Thai Construction Companies Usually Aren’t Able To Speak The English Language

Even if it is easy to discover a Thai translator who will be able to translate Word schedules on your behalf, it is arduous to get anybody who can easily translate English to the Thai language inside a CAD file. As well as being able to undertake the translation, they must also know how to use the Autocad software program, and have access to the program.

My layouts and materials lists are in the English language only and I obtained quotes from 2 Thai construction companies. You might tryusing documents in English only and simply get the translator to translate the specialist words that the construction company is not able to understand.

My wife talked to at least 6 building companies in Thailand and asked them to give us a price for erecting our house. Only two came back with a estimate and that was double what we were hoping for! It appears they are all engaged on on big construction projects to care about our little project. So locating a builder in Thailand to give you your price may be arduous.

The way we adopted to obtain house builders was to knock on doors “You have a nice house, can you reveal who the builder was?” My wife finds it simple to make friends with people and once she was talking to the Security Guard at our hotel and he announced that he can receive an estimate from as a minimum two builders. We took him up on that proposal but never received the cost estimates. One was occupied on other resdidence and the other demanded 5,000 Baht payment before making a quotation in case we didn’t select him as our construction company!

Then we learned that our friendly Security Guard who so kindly located the local builders to get an approximate cost from would be asking for a commission of 10 percent of the build cost if we appointed one of ‘his’ house builders to build the house.

At this time you will be acquainted with the problem areas that can appear when looking for a builder in Thailand to put up your dream retirement home. Additionally I have shown you the methods I used to obtain a an estimate for my own retirement home before agreeing a price with a construction company.

Determining the cost of building a house in Thailand for your retirement is not easy. The author demonstrates two ways to obtain a budget cost estimate for a retirement house using A) Unit Build Rates and B) getting quotations from Thai companies for Architects Fees and building a house in Thailand companies using Thai house plans.

Budget price of building a house in Thailand using Thai house plans and Unit Rates.


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